Swipe Reader

Swipe is a pocket sized credit card reader that fits into the audio input of your smartphone (same place you plug in your headphones) and lets approved merchants process credit card transactions through their Android or iOS mobile device.

Swipe Reader is so much more than just another mobile credit card reader. Our emphasis is not only on providing you with the most flexible, mobile, secure and simple way of transacting but also an end-to-end business solution that enables you to achieve more success in the marketplace.
In our engineering, we've gone beyond the norm to bring you a secure mobile payment technology that, while it isn't a new concept, takes what you already have (a smartphone) and converts it into your most valuable business tool ever. Swipe reader not available in New Zealand market, please go to https://www.swipehq.co.nz/ for more information.

Locker Secure Key

This pretty little thing is a specially designed, secure USB key that plugs into the USB slot of your computer and gives you secure access to all your passwords. Here's how it works...

The inconvenient truth is that most of us "netizens" don't have a clue of how ridiculously vulnerable we all are to identity theft and other potentially deadly security breaches.
Locker is a specially designed, secure USB key that plugs into the USB slot of your computer and gives you secure access to all your passwords, perfect for both enterprise and home users.


Texta is a powerful SMS marketing platform designed to empower small businesses achieve greater marketing success through SMS. With advanced automation features, simple user interface and great customer support, Texta offers an SMS marketing solution thats second to none.

Texta brings advanced mobile messaging automation tools in an easy-to-use interface at super-low rates with consistent delivery across all major networks. Best of all, professional, live support is always just a click away.
No more boring, clunky and out-dated SMS tools. Imagine being able to send out bulk SMS messages to your customers, prospects or members in a few easy steps cheaper than anywhere else in the country. Even better, their replies are FREE!!!


The best email marketing software in the world. Every once in a while something comes along and redefines an existing paradigm. When it comes to email marketing, that’s Maxmail.

Maxmail is the ultimate in permission-based marketing. Engineered with high-volume users in mind, Maxmail is unique in the way it combines email marketing, SMS marketing, online surveys and social media automation, all in a streamlined, low-cost application.
Maxmail's technology, network and people are what make the difference. Simply put, Maxmail is your best bet when it comes to crafting campaigns that get real results.


Don't send another email blast without first cleaning your lists. When you acquire new lists, you rarely have any clues what percentage of those email addresses will bounce or end up as invalid.

Of course every list broker will tell you that their list is "double opt in" and "100% clean", but you know better. Sending bulk email to a list full of old, invalid, non-existent email addresses that will generate lots of bounces will cause you (and your ESP) a lot of grief.
ListWise is a deceptively simple tool that cleans your list, gets rid of duplicates and potential bounces and gives you a clean, fresh list that you can then use for your email marketing efforts.

We're an agile, pioneering company on a quest to continuously improve how technology is used in business as well as in our personal lives.

Optimizer is one of New Zealand's most innovative and progressive companies, producing game-changing technologies throughout the Pacific and around the world. 

Dedicated to bringing new thinking to the market and boasting both extraordinary market intelligence and strong business acumen, Optimizer is hungry — hungry for new opportunities, hungry innovative ideas, and hungry for acquiring driven, passionate talent. 

At Optimizer, it’s not just about business. We’re looking to change the world. For us that means forming partnerships with exceptional, imaginative people. We’re looking for people who want to change the world too.

Optimizer’s CEO Manas Kumar discusses the need to overhaul IT training in New Zealand on TVNZs Breakfast Show.

Recently: Our CEOs views on IT training in New Zealand
New Zealand is seriously falling behind the rest of the world when it comes to adopting cloud computing services. Breakfast talks to Optimizer CEO Manas Kumar about his calls for a radical shift in the training of our future software engineers and developers.

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